Every day we wake up to our alarms and our feet hit the ground. We shuffle to the bathroom and go about our usual morning routine. Our minds are waking up, the cobwebs of sleep falling away wisp by wisp. Bending over the sink you yawn, look up at the mirror and wipe the sleep from your eyes. Right here, in this moment, who do you see?



Being my sarcastic self, I would answer this question, I see a face, me. In all seriousness who is this face? Does this face reflect Christ? Am I a living, breathing example of God’s love?

Looking in the mirror, I am guilty of just seeing me. I waited until the last minute to wake up and now I am in a rush. Over the sink, in front of the mirror, seeing swollen, sleepy eyes and splashing cold water on them to relieve the swelling. Seeing my crazy hair, that would make Medusa run away in fright, and sweeping it up into a messy bun. Not even for one minute, taking time to stop, praise God for allowing me another day and thanking Him for dying for me.

No, instead I am tired, because the evening before I allowed myself to decompress for too long reading a novel, and went to bed at a late hour.

No,I’m too busy to give time to God. Because now, I am behind, I have things to do; children to get ready for school, a screaming daycare child to feed, and am I even thinking for a minute about God?

Absolutely not.

Maybe for you, your spouse has already left for work and you have to drop the kids off at daycare. Maybe you have to feed the dogs or possibly farm animals. In your rush you’re putting on an outfit that doesn’t need ironing: Your quote-unquote Lazy Clothes. You grab your wallet, car keys and God-forbid you forget your coffee.

You didn’t forget your coffee?


How did you forget God?

How did I forget God?!

I’ve done this. I still do this.

Is it okay?


I am…


Guilty of so much more than not giving God time. I am guilty of having great priorities, but not having them in order. I am guilty of being lazy. No, my house isn’t trashed every day, dirty dishes in the sink, trash overflowing, etc. Not that kind of lazy. The kind of lazy; that when the house is clean, my chores are done, and the children are in school, I read a book to fill the time or scroll through my social media accounts. I’m not busy doing the work of Christ.

I am busy entertaining me: Lazy.

Who am I kidding? Most certainly not my God, and certainly not myself, I know better. Maybe I am the only one who is guilty. Maybe God gave me this to write because He is only talking to me. If so, I know what I need to do, and thank You God for this post.

Just last evening in our ladies meeting, (we meet one Wednesday in every month) we talked about this exact subject. I know that it was a bunch of ladies getting together to study the word and fellowship but we all said the same things. We are guilty of not giving God time, the time He deserves. Not reading the word the way we should and not praying the way we should.

If I am not the only one who is guilty, then please, take time this week to analyze yourself, get your priorities in order. Ask God to show you where your priorities are off. I challenge myself and you to look at every aspect of our lives, even our sleeping habits. Lets practice being an example, being a true christian, and liking the face we see in the mirror.